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Chicago Area Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges on Interstate 80

Chicago Area Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking

Chicago Area Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking

In a recent development in Lock Haven, District Attorney Dave Strouse has confirmed that 23-year-old Mujahid Hammam from Bridgeview, Illinois, has entered a no contest plea to charges of Possession With Intent to Deliver. This plea relates to an incident involving significant drug trafficking activities on Interstate 80.

The case unfolded when State Police at Lamar conducted a routine traffic stop on Hammam's vehicle for traffic violations on February 18th. During the stop, Trooper Matthew Mills detected a strong marijuana odor emanating from the vehicle as he approached the driver's window. Subsequent engagement with a drug K9 and a court-approved search warrant led to the discovery of over 16 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana and 972 items containing marijuana or THC. These included THC vape cartridges and other bulk THC products in bulk packaging.

Additionally, authorities found drug sale ledgers and luggage containing airline baggage tags bearing Hammam's name in the vehicle, which hinted at an organized drug trafficking operation. The car, containing three occupants including Hammam, was reportedly traveling from New York City to Chicago.

Hammam entered his plea before President Judge Craig P. Miller and now awaits sentencing next month. The legal proceedings have also implicated the other two passengers in the vehicle, all of whom face serious charges under federal drug trafficking laws. The community awaits further developments as the court prepares for the upcoming sentencing.



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