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Chief Almonte Joins Florida Jail Standards Group

Chief Almonte Joins Florida Jail Standards Group
Chief Yuberky Almonte

Chief Almonte Joins Florida Jail Standards Group

Osceola County, FL – Osceola County Corrections Chief Yuberky Almonte has been nominated to serve as the jail administrator representative on the Florida Model Jail Standards Working Group, a testament to her outstanding dedication and leadership in the field of corrections.

Under Florida State Statutes, every county jail must adhere to a comprehensive set of guidelines ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of both inmates and staff. The Florida Model Jail Standards Working Group, established to develop and maintain these standards, comprises experts from various criminal justice disciplines.

“This nomination recognizes Chief Almonte's outstanding dedication to public service and her steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards in correctional facilities. I am certain that her knowledge and enthusiasm for serving others will be a huge addition to the working group,” said Osceola Commission Chair Cheryl Grieb. "Chief Almonte and her team are dedicated to being innovators in the field, ensuring that our county's Corrections Department exemplifies the Commission’s strong commitment to public safety."

The Working Group plays a critical role in shaping the future of correctional facilities in Florida. Its members review existing standards, recommend updates, and develop new guidelines to address emerging challenges and advancements in the field. The standards are designed to ensure the constitutional rights of those incarcerated are upheld.

"As a dedicated law enforcement professional, it is an honor to serve in this capacity. I am committed to ensuring that our county's correctional department operates safely, humanely, and in full compliance with the highest state standards," said Almonte. “I eagerly anticipate working alongside fellow experts and contributing to the advancement of best practices within the corrections community.”

Chief Almonte has over 28 years of experience in corrections and has led Osceola’s Corrections Department since November 2023. Her nomination reflects her extensive expertise and commitment to excellence in correctional management.

For more information on the Florida Model Jail Standards Working Group and its mission, please visit the official website or contact the Osceola County Corrections Department.



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