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Dillingham Apartments Opens in Osceola for Behavioral Health Support Housing

Dillingham Apartments Opens in Osceola for Behavioral Health Support Housing
Courtesy of Osceola County

Dillingham Apartments Opens in Osceola for Behavioral Health Support Housing

Osceola County, FL – On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 9 a.m., Park Place Behavioral Health Services, alongside community leaders and partners, will celebrate the grand opening of Dillingham Apartments with a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony. This new affordable housing development is located at 501 N. Dillingham Ave, Kissimmee, directly across from Toho Water Authority on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The Dillingham Apartments, an $8.6 million project featuring a three-story, garden-style apartment community, was developed in collaboration with Birdsong Housing Partners. This initiative has been financially supported by the Florida Housing Financing Corporation, the National Housing Trust Fund, the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners, and the City of Kissimmee, highlighting a robust community and governmental effort to support vulnerable populations.

Osceola County has notably contributed $1.8 million towards construction costs, with an additional $160,000 allocated by County Commission Chair Cheryl Grieb for operational expenses, underscoring the local government's commitment to fostering affordable housing solutions.

"These apartments represent a critical resource for the chronically homeless and those experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse issues," said Grieb Dillingham.

Apartments offers 30 units designed specifically for adults with behavioral health diagnoses, promoting independent living in a supportive environment. The facility includes dedicated office spaces for onsite case managers and community spaces for group activities, enhancing the residents’ ability to manage their health needs effectively.

Special tributes will be paid to James Allen Shanks, the late CEO of Park Place Behavioral Health Care, who was instrumental in the realization of this project. The apartments will be dedicated in his honor, recognizing his over 50 years of service and dedication to those in need.

"We are proud to open Dillingham Apartments, which not only addresses the urgent need for affordable housing but also supports our broader mission of providing comprehensive care for individuals with special needs," commented Garrett Griffin, CEO of Park Place Behavioral Health Care.

The project's funding included substantial contributions through the State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) and additional local funds, ensuring a solid financial foundation for its success. The property will be managed by TPI, with Ability Housing providing expert support to both Park Place and the management company.

For those interested in leasing opportunities or more information about Dillingham Apartments, please contact TPI Management at (407) 908-7050 or via email at

About Park Place Behavioral Health Care:

Park Place Behavioral Health Care, known officially as Osceola Mental Health, Inc., has been a cornerstone in providing mental health and substance use disorder treatment services in Osceola County for over 47 years and has expanded its services to Marion County. The organization is dedicated to improving life quality and promoting wellness and recovery for those it serves.

About Birdsong Housing Partners:

Birdsong Housing Partners specializes in developing, building, and operating high-quality, affordable housing projects that positively impact residents, neighborhoods, and communities. With a wealth of experience in creating sustainable living solutions, Birdsong focuses on serving low-income families, seniors, and individuals with special needs, among other vulnerable groups.


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