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Emergency Asphalt Repairs Cause Southbound I-75 Lane Closures


By Ciara Perez, News Reporter | iSkyCreations - News & Media (ISC)

Published April 24th, 2024

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Motorists heading south on Interstate 75 near mile marker 349 in Marion County are advised to prepare for delays as two lanes are now closed for emergency asphalt repair. The middle and outside lanes just south of State Road (S.R.) 200 will remain closed until further notice.

The closures come as part of an urgent response by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to address unexpected damage to the roadway. The FDOT is swiftly implementing a rapid repair plan to restore the affected sections of the interstate. While the repair is underway, the Department will also monitor the condition of the road to ensure safety and durability.

This traffic disruption occurs within the scope of an ongoing FDOT resurfacing project that spans from the Sumter County line to S.R. 200. Motorists are encouraged to visit the project's website at for more detailed information and updates.

Given the potential for significant traffic delays, drivers are advised to consider alternate routes where possible. The FDOT has not provided a specific timeline for when the lanes will be reopened, emphasizing the need for travelers to plan accordingly.

Stay tuned to local traffic updates and plan your travel with these disruptions in mind to avoid unexpected delays.

This information was provided to iSkyNews by Sergeant Gaskins from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), ensuring the public is kept informed about ongoing developments affecting local traffic.



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