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Emergency Crews Respond to Large Brush Fire at Charlie Wheeler Community Park

Brush Fire at Charlie Wheeler Community Park

Brush Fire at Charlie Wheeler Community Park

Poinciana, FL – A large brush fire erupted early this afternoon at Charlie Wheeler Community Park, located at 3900 Laurel Ave in Poinciana, drawing a significant response from multiple emergency service units.

The fire, which was reported to authorities at around 2:00 PM, has spread rapidly, fueled by dry conditions and a slight breeze. Firefighters from Osceola County Fire Rescue were among the first responders to the scene.

The iSkyNews UAS Team are on scene to provide assistance to Osceola County Fire Rescue if needed. A spokesman from Osceola County Fire Rescue the U.S. Forest Service has been dispatched to assist.

As of the latest updates, no injuries have been reported. However, the fire has consumed several acres of parkland, and efforts to contain the blaze are ongoing. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, and investigators are on the scene to assess any potential sources of ignition.

Residents in the vicinity of Charlie Wheeler Community Park are advised to remain indoors and keep windows closed to avoid smoke inhalation. Officials have also warned against unnecessary travel to the area to allow emergency vehicles unimpeded access.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.



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