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Florida Community Urged to Help Locate Hit-and-Run Suspect After Rollover Accident in Kissimmee

In a desperate appeal for public assistance, the victims of a harrowing rollover accident on Pleasant Hill near Bellalago Drive are calling for witnesses to step forward. The incident, which took place last Friday evening, involved a white 2017 VW Jetta GL belonging to a local couple.

Speaking exclusively to ISC News, the victims recounted the terrifying ordeal. They were cut off by a dark-colored Jeep, possibly army green and lifted, which was executing a U-turn and also coming into their lane. In a bid to avoid a collision, the couple's vehicle was forced into the Jeep's path, resulting in their car flipping four times and landing upside down. This dramatic scene was captured in photos and videos that have since been widely circulated.

What compounds the tragedy is the hit-and-run nature of the incident. The Jeep driver, according to the victims, did not stop to render aid or check on their wellbeing. Instead, they fled the scene, leaving the couple in a perilous state on the road.

The victims are now offering a reward for information leading to the identification of the suspect. They urge anyone who knows of a Jeep with driver's side damage, fitting the description, to come forward. Information can be shared with the Florida Highway Patrol or, for those wishing to remain anonymous, tips can be sent to ISC News at

This incident is not just a call for justice but a plea for communal responsibility. The victims, recovering from their injuries, hope that their story will prompt someone to help bring the perpetrator to account. The local community and authorities are united in their efforts to ensure that justice is served in this distressing case.



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