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Guilty Verdict in Lake County Aggravated Battery Case

Guilty Verdict in Lake County Aggravated Battery Case

Guilty Verdict in Lake County Aggravated Battery Case

Lake County, FL – Last week, a jury in Lake County found 51-year-old Cesario Bastian guilty of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The verdict follows an incident that occurred on July 4, 2022, leading to Bastian's arrest by the Leesburg Police Department (LPD).

The case unfolded when police responded to a call at a local residence, where they found a victim with a severe laceration to the back. According to reports, the altercation occurred nearby within the same apartment complex. The victim identified Cesario Bastian, known as "El Muneco," as the assailant.

Authorities were told that the victim had been sitting outside, intending to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, when they were unexpectedly attacked by Bastian following a verbal altercation initiated by Bastian's intoxicated friend.

Emergency services provided immediate medical assistance to the injured party, who managed to escape and seek help. The LPD gathered enough evidence and witness testimonies to arrest Bastian for the attack.

Bill Gladson, State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, praised the diligent efforts of the Leesburg Police, stating, "This case is another example of the diligent efforts of our law enforcement partners. The efforts of the Leesburg Police Department laid the foundation for our office to prosecute the case and obtain a favorable verdict."

Assistant State Attorney Steven Miller led the successful prosecution, resulting in a significant legal resolution to a violent act that shook the local community last summer. This case highlights the ongoing commitment of local law enforcement and the judicial system to uphold justice in Lake County.



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