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Lake Wales Woman Arrested After Running Over Man and Infant

Lake Wales Woman Arrested After Running Over Man
27-year old Aaliyah Ross of Lake Wales. Courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office

Lake Wales Woman Arrested After Running Over Man and Infant

By Ciara Perez, News Reporter | iSkyCreations - News & Media (ISC)

Publish Date: June 27th, 2024

Lake Wales, FL – According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, a domestic disturbance in Lake Wales led to a tragic incident on Monday afternoon, June 24, 2024, when a woman intentionally drove her vehicle over a man holding an infant, resulting in severe injuries to both.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives have identified the suspect as 27-year-old Aaliyah Ross of Lake Wales. She was apprehended in Orlando and is currently detained at the Orange County Jail.

The 25-year-old male victim sustained bruising to his body and lungs and has since been treated and released from the hospital. The 16-month-old boy remains hospitalized with a broken left shoulder and collarbone, multiple broken ribs, a partially collapsed lung, and various abrasions and bruises.

Watch the Morning Briefing from Sheriff Grady Judd:

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the altercation between Ross and the man escalated rapidly. Ross placed two other small children, aged four years and six months, into her Toyota Corolla. As the man attempted to flee with the infant, Ross accelerated towards them, striking both before crashing into a trailer.

At approximately 12:22 PM, Ross returned to the now unoccupied residence and left the injured infant inside alone while she left the scene again.

In her statement to the detectives, Ross mentioned that she had previously pretended to run over the man, swerving at the last moment. She assumed he would move out of the way this time, but he did not.

“Aaliyah Ross made a series of incredibly unthinkable choices Monday: running over a man and a baby with a car, leaving the baby alone, and failing to get medical treatment for the obviously injured baby. Someone who does this to a baby will do this to anyone—her uncontrollable rage is a threat to the public,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

The other two children were located and are currently under the evaluation of the Florida Department of Children and Families for a custody plan.

Ross faces multiple charges, including Aggravated Child Abuse (F1), Aggravated Battery-Domestic (F2), Negligent Child Abuse (F3), Battery-Domestic (M1), and Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Property Damage (M2). She will be transferred to the Polk County Jail as the investigation continues.


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