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Legendary 'Dragon Ball' Creator Akira Toriyama Passes at 68

Tokyo, Japan - Akira Toriyama, the visionary manga author behind the iconic series ‘Dragon Ball’, has died at the age of 68, Bird Studio, his production company, confirmed on Friday. The acclaimed Japanese creator passed away on March 1 due to a blood clot in his brain, a condition known as acute subdural hematoma.

Toriyama's death marks the end of an era for fans and the manga and anime industry worldwide. He was celebrated for his groundbreaking work on ‘Dragon Ball’, a series that not only captivated millions with the adventures of Son Goku and his quest for the magical dragon balls but also significantly influenced pop culture across the globe.

Since its debut in 1984, ‘Dragon Ball’ has grown into a massive franchise, including an internationally beloved anime series that began in 1989, numerous video games, and films. The series’ success is reflected in its impressive sales figures, with Bird Studio reporting a total of 260 million copies sold. Toriyama’s creation remains one of the most recognizable and enduring pieces of Japanese media on the international stage.

Despite his passing, Toriyama leaves behind a legacy that transcends generations. His career spanned over 45 years, during which he continued to work passionately, leaving unfinished projects at the time of his death. His influence extends beyond ‘Dragon Ball’, inspiring countless adaptations and touching the lives of fans worldwide.

Bird Studio announced that a funeral service was held privately, attended by family and close relatives. The manga and design production company, along with Capsule Corporation Tokyo, mourns the loss of a monumental figure in the industry and extends their deepest condolences to his family and fans around the world. Akira Toriyama’s imaginative spirit and contributions to the manga and anime worlds will be forever remembered and cherished.



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