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Missing Teenager Elena Ward: Urgent Appeal for Public Assistance

Seminole County, FL - ISC News & Media, alongside the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, is issuing an urgent appeal to the public to help locate missing teenager, Elena Ward, who was last seen in the vicinity of Chuluota, Florida. Elena, a 15-year-old student at Hagerty High School, has not returned home, sparking immediate concern for her safety.

Elena is described as being 5'3" tall, weighing approximately 95 pounds. The reports suggest she may still be in the area of Chuluota, a community within Seminole County, or possibly nearby Oviedo, where her mother resides. The distinction between these locations is crucial for the search efforts, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance across both communities.

The case, numbered 2024CJ002770, has prompted a coordinated effort between ISC News & Media and local law enforcement to expedite Elena's safe return. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office, reachable at (407) 665-6650, is leading the investigation and is calling on anyone with information to step forward.

Elena's disappearance after not coming home from school has mobilized the community and authorities alike to work tirelessly in the hope of locating her. "We are deeply concerned for Elena's well-being and are doing everything in our power to ensure her safe return," a spokesperson from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office stated.

The public is urged to contact the Seminole County Sheriff's Office or the family at 321-347-6210 with any information that could lead to locating Elena. Every piece of information, no matter how small it may seem, is vital and could be the key to bringing Elena back to her family.

"We thank the community for their support and cooperation during this critical time," said a representative from ISC News & Media. "It's the collective effort of everyone that will help us in these circumstances, and we are grateful for any assistance provided."

As the search continues, the community holds onto hope for Elena's safe return, demonstrating the power of collective action in times of crisis.



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