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Propane Leak in Highlands County Safely Resolved

Propane Leak in Highlands County
Credit: Highlands County Fire Rescue

Propane Leak in Highlands County

Highlands County, FL. – Just after 4 p.m. yesterday, Highlands County Fire Rescue crews were dispatched to a hazmat situation on Tanglewood Parkway. The incident involved a 500-gallon underground propane tank leaking from its regulator.

Upon arrival, the Highlands County Special Operations (Spec Ops) team swiftly located the source of the leak. Utilizing a specialized flare tool, they effectively burned off the escaping propane, ensuring the area was safe.

Multiple units from across the county were mobilized to address the hazard. Among the responders were Squads 19 and 10, Engines 19 and 7, Rescues 19 and 10, and Division 1. Thanks to their coordinated efforts, the potentially dangerous situation was resolved without any injuries.

The rapid and efficient response highlights the readiness and capability of the Highlands County Fire Rescue teams in handling hazardous material incidents.

The successful mitigation of the propane leak prevented what could have been a significant threat to the community.



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