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Quick Action by Highlands County Fire Rescue Saves Lake Placid Home

By Ciara Perez, News Reporter | iSkyCreations - News & Media (ISC News & Media)Published Jan 1st, 2024

Lake Placid, Florida - In a rapid and coordinated response, Highlands County Fire Rescue units successfully managed a challenging structure fire in Lake Placid earlier today. The emergency response was initiated shortly after 1:15 p.m. when reports of a fire at a residential property in the 3300 block of Gossamer Avenue were received.

Upon their arrival, Battalion 2 immediately observed smoke emerging from the eaves of the affected structure. In a fortunate turn of events, all occupants of the home had managed to escape unharmed before the arrival of the rescue units.

The firefighters encountered flames in various parts of the house, including the hall, bedroom, and bathroom. Demonstrating professionalism and expertise, the fire rescue team engaged in a vigorous operation to control the fire. Their efforts paid off as they were able to contain the fire effectively. This decisive action played a crucial role in saving a majority of the home’s contents, preventing what could have been a total loss.

The response team comprised several units including Engine 19, Engine 36, Tanker 33, Rescue 19, Battalion 2, and Division 1. The combined effort of these units was instrumental in bringing the situation under control promptly.

Following the incident, an investigation was conducted to determine the cause of the fire. It has been officially ruled as accidental. This conclusion brings a certain closure to the incident, highlighting the importance of fire safety and accident prevention in residential areas.



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