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Teen Implicated as Key Player in Violent Kidnapping and Robbery Scheme in Martin County

Teen Implicated as Key Player in Violent Kidnapping

Teen Implicated as Key Player in Violent Kidnapping

Martin County, FL. - In a shocking turn of events, a casual meetup arranged through an online platform spiraled into a violent crime spree in Martin County, culminating in the arrest of three individuals, including a minor. The incident unfolded when a man, seeking to meet a woman he had connected with online, was instead ensnared in a meticulously planned kidnapping and robbery operation.

The plot was allegedly orchestrated by 15-year-old Niveah Thompson-Miller of Port St. Lucie, who deceived the victim by claiming to be 18. Their meeting quickly deteriorated when Thompson-Miller reportedly stole the man's wallet and car keys. As the victim began receiving notifications of withdrawals from his Cash App, he confronted Thompson-Miller, which led to the abrupt arrival of two accomplices, 19-year-olds Tyrese Kerr of West Palm Beach and Damali Gordon of Royal Palm Beach.

Armed with a handgun and masked, Kerr and Gordon are accused of pistol-whipping the victim and forcibly taking him to multiple locations to drain his bank account. The ordeal continued until Stuart Police intervened during a routine traffic stop, revealing the ongoing kidnapping and facilitating the rescue of the victim.

Niveah Thompson-Miller, Damali Gordon, and Tyrese Kerr were arrested and face serious charges including kidnapping, armed robbery, and grand theft of a motor vehicle. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of meeting strangers online and has shaken the local community.


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