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Teen's Heroic Act Leads to Arrest of Home Invader

Martin County, FL - In a harrowing incident that unfolded in Hobe Sound, a 17-year-old girl's courage in the face of danger led to the rapid arrest of a home invader. The Martin County Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Detectives, together with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security, have arrested 42-year-old Antonio Amaya-Guevara following his break-in into a local home.

This afternoon, the quiet of a Hobe Sound home was shattered when Amaya-Guevara broke in. Alone and confronted with this terrifying situation, the quick-witted teenager immediately called her father on Facetime, alerting him to the intruder in their home. But the situation escalated when Amaya-Guevara fled, and the brave teenager followed, attempting to take pictures of the suspect for identification.

Tragically, the confrontation took a violent turn when Amaya-Guevara lashed out, brutally attacking the girl. The scene was witnessed by a bystander who promptly called 911, enabling law enforcement to spring into action. In a swift response, detectives identified and apprehended Amaya-Guevara in Palm Beach County later in the evening.

The background check on Amaya-Guevara revealed that he is a Honduran national who illegally re-entered the United States in 2023. He now faces a series of charges, including occupied burglary, battery, robbery by sudden snatching, and child abuse, and is being held on an $800,000 bond along with an immigration detainer.

The teenager, thankfully, was treated for her injuries and released from the hospital. Her remarkable courage and presence of mind were crucial in aiding the law enforcement agencies to track down and capture the assailant.



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