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The Devil's Chair: Florida's Eerie Landmark

The Devil's Chair

The Devil's Chair

Nestled in the quaint, spiritually charged town of Cassadaga, Florida—known as the "Psychic Capital of the World"—lies a mysterious and slightly unsettling attraction that beckons the curious and the brave. This is the Devil's Chair, a local legend wrapped in myth and sitting quietly in the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery. If you're a traveler with a penchant for the paranormal or a taste for the tales that history whispers, this eerie landmark offers a uniquely Floridian experience.

The story of the Devil's Chair in Cassadaga is as intriguing as it is chilling. It's an old brick bench, unremarkable at first glance, but steeped in local folklore. Legend holds that if one were to leave an unopened can of beer on the chair overnight, it would be empty by morning—without any signs of being opened. Whether it's the work of supernatural forces or thirsty pranksters, the phenomenon continues to draw the curious.

Cassadaga itself is a treasure trove of the spiritual and supernatural. Established in the late 19th century by George P. Colby, a seer guided by a spirit named Seneca, the town has been a center for spiritualism and mediums. The Devil's Chair adds a darker, more mysterious edge to Cassadaga’s mystical allure. Visitors often report an unnerving feeling of being watched or a sudden chill upon approaching the chair, even on the warmest Florida days.

Travelers seeking to explore this peculiar site will find it nestled among aged tombstones and moss-draped trees that seem to guard the secrets of the dead. Photographs often capture the chair in the eerie half-light of dawn or the soft glow of dusk, times when the cemetery feels most alive with the whispers of the past.

For those daring enough to visit, the Devil’s Chair is more than a spooky stop; it's a glimpse into the folklore that shapes the character of this unique community. Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or simply a lover of history and mystery, a visit to Cassadaga's Devil’s Chair is sure to leave you with chills—and stories to tell.

As with any visit to historical and spiritual sites, respect for the surroundings and the local customs is paramount. Cassadaga welcomes visitors, but also asks for decorum and sensitivity to both its residents and its ethereal inhabitants. Whether you come seeking spirits or stories, the Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga is a journey into the heart of Florida's supernatural lore—a must-visit for anyone who cherishes the eerie and the enchanting in their travels.



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