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This One Mistake Will Get You Banned and Arrested at Theme Parks

This One Mistake Will Get You Banned and Arrested

This One Mistake Will Get You Banned and Arrested at Theme Parks

By Staff Writer | iSkyCreations - News & Media (ISC News & Media)

Published July 7th, 2024

Orlando, FL – Flying a drone seems like an awesome way to capture unique vacation footage, right? Well, think twice before you launch that drone over Disney's Magic Kingdom. You could end up with a lifetime ban, hefty fines, and even possible arrest.

Restricted Airspace

Did you know that Magic Kingdom in Florida has set up restricted airspace over its theme parks? That means flying a drone in these areas is a big no-no. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) takes this very seriously, and breaking this rule can lead to severe penalties. Many tourists, excited and unaware of FAA regulations, often get caught off guard.

Detection and Enforcement

ISC News & Media had an exclusive chat with a former Disney Cast Member who wanted to stay anonymous. They spilled the beans on how Disney catches unauthorized drone pilots. Turns out, Disney has some pretty advanced tech in their communication centers. As soon as a drone is turned on within Disney World property, alarms go off. This tech pinpoints the pilot’s location, the drone's home point, and even some internal info about the drone.

Once Disney gets the alert, security and local law enforcement – who work closely with Disney – spring into action. The pilot not only gets reported to the FAA, but also has to delete any footage captured by the drone. It doesn’t end there. Depending on the security manager’s decision, the pilot could be banned for life from all Disney properties. Yes, that includes Disney Springs and every Disney resort.

Facial Recognition Technology

And if you’re thinking you can just blend in with the crowd next time, think again. Disney uses facial recognition technology to keep tabs on everyone. So, trying to hide or come back under a different identity? Good luck with that.

Stay Informed and Fly Safely

Our source stressed the importance of knowing FAA regulations and restricted areas before flying a drone on vacation. Ignorance isn’t bliss here – it’s a recipe for disaster. Imagine your vacation turning into a nightmare just because you didn’t check the rules.

For all you drone enthusiasts out there, make sure to check FAA guidelines and ensure you're flying in safe, legal areas. No vacation photo is worth the trouble you could find yourself in.

Flying drones can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it’s important to do so safely and legally. Here are some resources for drone pilots to help ensure they fly safely and within the law:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Resource

  1. FAA Drone Zone: The FAA’s official site for drone registration and information.

Remember, a moment of thrill could lead to a lifetime ban from some of the world's most beloved spots. Fly smart, fly safe, and respect the rules to keep your vacation stress-free and memorable for the right reasons.


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