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Traffic Alert: Multi-Vehicle Accident on I4 Westbound, Mile Marker 55

Polk County, FL - A massive vehicular collision occurred on Interstate 4 Westbound near Mile Marker 55. The catastrophic event involved over four vehicles, leading to a chaotic scene and severe disruptions in traffic flow.

Preliminary reports suggest multiple injuries, though the full extent and severity are currently unknown. Emergency services rushed to the scene shortly after the incident was reported, and a coordinated response is underway to manage the situation.

Engine 33, Engine 38, Medical Rescue 33, Tower 33, Medical Rescue 38 are enroute. Florida Highway Patrol are on scene.

Authorities have closed several lanes of the Interstate to facilitate rescue operations and to ensure the safety of the responders and those involved in the accident. This closure has led to significant traffic delays, and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes if possible.



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