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Virginia Truck Driver Arrested in I-75 Road Rage Shooting

OCALA, FL – In a startling road rage incident that escalated into gunfire on Interstate 75, 43-year-old Dylan Nissan Belleastin, a Virginia truck driver, has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including Shooting a Missile into a Vehicle and Aggravated Assault. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) confirmed the arrest on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, following the event that transpired on Sunday, March 3.

According to MCSO, Deputy Greer was dispatched to Love’s Travel Stop at 7791 NW 47th Avenue, Ocala, after receiving reports of shots fired in what was described as a road rage altercation. The investigation revealed that the victim was southbound on I-75 in his semi-truck when Belleastin, in a fit of rage, hurled a water bottle at the victim's vehicle. Although the victim initially stopped to confront Belleastin, he ultimately decided to drive away.

Undeterred, Belleastin pursued and managed to pull alongside the victim’s truck once again, where he discharged several rounds in the victim's direction.

In a desperate bid to avoid the incoming gunfire, the victim decelerated quickly and, fearing for his life, returned fire towards Belleastin. The confrontation led Belleastin to retreat to Love’s Travel Stop before eventually continuing his journey south on I-75.

The breakthrough in the case came when Deputy Greer obtained dash cam footage from Belleastin’s truck, which incontrovertibly showed him firing at the victim on two separate occasions. Additionally, the footage captured Belleastin brandishing a second handgun at the victim without discharging it.

Through diligent investigative work and the collaborative effort of MCSO deputies and agents from the United States Marshal Service, Belleastin was apprehended on March 6 at an address in Ocala. He was subsequently detained at the Marion County Jail, where he is being held without bond.



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